Skin Care

Sarah Gordon

Owner/Aesthetician and Reiki Master

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Phone: (414) 476-7546



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30 Minute Consult - $30

Comprehensive analysis of the skin. Discussion of skin goals. Overview of products and services both past and future. Fee for consult applied to first treatment.

DMK Enzymatic Therapy 90-120 Minutes

Enzyme Therapy treatments are a complete treatment whereby they improve the skin's ability to function by dissolving and removing dead skin. Vital cellular regeneration to occur. Enzyme Therapy stimulates collagen production, restoring structural integrity back to the skin whilst being suitable for a wide range of skin conditions such as aging skin, wrinkles, pigmentation, sun damage, acne and rosacea.
All prices include LED therapy.
Level 1 - $150
Level 2 - $175
Level 3 - $225-$250

Energy Rejuvenation Facial - $155

This facial is a combination of our Signature Facial and a reiki session. This facial works with your Chakra system to relax your body and remove stress while leaving you with amazing, flawless skin. 90 mins.

Dermapeel - $115

Combines physical (Dermaplane) with chemical exfoliation (peel) for ultimate skin renewal. Vitamin C or Lactic peel to brighten complexion, fade discoloration and repair sun damage. Amazing combo, with noticeable results! 60 minutes.

Dermapen - $150

Minimum Trauma, Maximum Results. Micro-needling activates your skin's own ability to self rejuvenate. Micro-needling activates this process across the treated area. As your skin heals, it produces collagen which forms a new layer of fresh tissue, creating a more youthful appearance on the surface and fighting antibodies beneath. 45 minutes.

Mini-Facial - $85

A complete focus on the face. This 60 minute facial is customized to your skin's needs.

Chemical Peels - starting at $75-$140 (call for specific pricing details)

LED (add on to any service) - $30

Add on a 30 min LED treatment to any facial for additional healing of the skin. Unlike heating pads which apply heat on the skin's surface, LED penetrates deeper to improve blood circulation and relive sore tissues and muscles too. Fantastic for all skin types, especially aging, acne, rosacea and reactive skin.

Reiki Energy Healing Session - $90

A Reiki healing treatment is a wonderful thecnique for stress reduction and relaxation. A Reiki session restores ones energy by relieving the physical and emotional effects of our daily life. It gently unblocks and directs energy flow to help you begin to feel centered and at peace. You simply relax and let the Reiki energy work with you. Discover the inner beauty in you. 60 mins.

Waxing - Pricing Below

Brows - $18
Bikini - $31
Back - $55
Lip - $12
Brazilian - $65
Half Leg - $35
Full Leg - $60)
Full Leg w/ Bikini - $80
Underarms - $20
Chin - $10
Chest - $50
Arms - $35

Our Products

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Stabilize the skin and regulate the dysfunctions that contribute to the acne condition by removing blockages within the ducts and regulating oil flow and cell turnover. At DMK, we take into account the individual condition and tailor a program to revise and preclude the recurrence of acne. I believe in a holistic approach to acne and will also recommend food changes and supplements tailored to each individual.

Acne and Congestion

Skin Care

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Acne and Congestion

Skin Care

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DMK revises pigmentation, brightens and refreshes the skin by removing dead cell build up, the accumulation of melanin (dark patches) and suppresses further melanin production by inhibiting the enzyme tyrosinase in the skin. DMK analyses the individual case of pigmentation and tailors a targeted treatment program.


Skin Care

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As premature aging and sun-damage is a result of structural destruction and deterioration in the normal functioning of skin, the DMK approach to this condition is by revising old and damaged tissue, rebuilding the skin and facilitating optimal function. We revise the decline in processes that occur when the skin starts to age and by strengthening the skin’s underlying matrix, we encourage the skin to function like a young and healthy skin.

Premature Aging and Sun Damaged Skin

Skin Care

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DMK addresses fine lines and wrinkles by removing old tissue and working to strengthen the dermal structures and systems which need to work in synergy in order to create healthy skin. At home regime as well as systematic treatments are key to turning back the hands of time.

Wrinkles, Fine Lines and Sagging Skin

Skin Care

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Wrinkles, Fine Lines and Sagging Skin

Skin Care


Terry wicinski

Massage Therapy with Terry

30 minutes - $40

60 minutes - $65

90 minutes - $95


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Phone: (414) 510-1778


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marie sokolowski

Massage Therapy with Marie

30 minutes - $40

60 minutes - $65

90 minutes - $95


Call Marie to schedule an appointment

Phone: (414) 774-0413


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scott hestekin

Thai Bodywork with Scott

60 minutes - $100

75 minutes - $120

90 minutes - $140


Call Scott to schedule an appointment

Phone: (414) 376-8040



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Mary nikcevich

Massage Therapy with Mary

30 minutes - $35

60 minutes - $65

90 minutes - $100

Hot stone massage - $80

Salt scrub - $35


Call Mary to schedule an appointment

Phone:(414) 322-1693


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Ananda Walker

Thai Bodywork with Ananda

60 minutes - $100

75 minutes - $120

90 minutes - $140

Thai Abdominal Massage - $80 (60 minutes)

Thai Foot Massage - $70 (60 minutes)

Thai Harmonic Massage - $80 (60 minutes)

Nerve Touch Thai Massage - $80 (60 minutes) or $100 (90 minutes)

Call Ananda to schedule an appointment.

Phone: (414) 207-9881

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