About Sarah

Sarah Gordon Licensed Aesthetician, Reiki Master/Teacher, Makeup Artist.

Sarah is the owner of Wauwatosa Wellness Spa. She is a licensed Aesthetician in the states of WI & IL and was medically trained by a Plastic Surgeon. She specializes in Acne and Aging skin. Sarah believes in educating everyone on their skin. She continues her education through monthly webinars and in person trainings under the instruction of skincare experts worldwide. She believes the skin has the ability to heal itself given the right environment, she works hand in hand with her clients through at home care and in clinic treatments to achieve their skincare goals.

Sarah is a makeup artist, receiving education on makeup application at Alexander Thomas School of Esthetics and continuing education yearly.

Sarah believes strongly in the mind body spiritual connection. Intuition is a gift we all possess and she believes by learning to connect to that part in us we can truly live to our full potential in this lifetime. Sarah has created unique treatments that combine energy work with skincare to mold together the inner and outer beauty we all possess. When we learn to shut off the inner chatter and listen to our higher self we truly can see miracles happen in our lives as well as in others. Sarah is so grateful for being able to help men women to reach their full potential. Both via a spiritual take on life's gifts and by helping gain better self confidence through skincare and helping people put their best face forward.

Sarah is also attuned to Reiki Master/Practitioner and has taken Energy Medicine classes. Through her life's experiences and her education, Sarah helps to balance the body, mind and soul.

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