About Scott

I found my way to Thai Bodywork through one of my other favorite things - playing Kirtan (call and response chanting performed in India’s bhakti devotional traditions). It was by playing with my teachers, Bhavani Hope, and Ryan Hader, that I was introduced to the power and potential of both Thai Bodywork and Reiki. I have been offering Thai Bodywork and Reiki in the Milwaukee area for over two years, and am excited to bring what I’ve learned to the Wauwatosa Wellness Spa!

If you have never tried Thai Bodywork, you’ve been missing out! Considered one of the oldest documented forms of bodywork, it is a combination of acupressure and assisted stretches, similar to yoga. It has been referred to as “yoga for lazy people,” or “like having yoga done to you.” Your job is to relax and breathe, my job is to clear energies and align the body through an anient system of deep pressure and stretching. While it may be intense at points, it generally results in a more loose, flexible, and mobile body. I truly believe in the power of this work to bring you to a happier, healthier, and more peaceful place in mind, body, and spirit. Contact me for an appointment today!

Contact Scott to schedule an appointment:
Phone: (414) 376-8040
E-Mail: thaibodyworkMKE@gmail.com