I have been going to Wauwatosa Wellness Spa for almost 2 years now. Sarah and her team are always fabulous and greet you with a smile when you walk in the door. When I first came to Sarah, I had a gift certificate for a facial. The facial was amazing and I left with such a beautiful glow that lasted for days! While having my facial, I told Sarah about an ingrown hair problem I have. She couldn't see the problem that day, but we did schedule an appointment that day for the future for her to look at the ingrowns. When my appointment finally arrived, I was so excited. I walked into the salon with hope, again being greeted with big smiles. Sarah looked at my ingrowns, decided to treat them with a chemical peel to get the infections out, and then did some extractions. She was able to get the hair out and in a few days the infection was gone. I have been seeing her for 2 years now for ingrown hairs and every time it is worth the money spent! She has really helped me and done WAY more than any doctor I saw would do for me. All the drs wanted to do was give me antibiotics which were not necessary as they only had to extract the hair. I would HIGHLY recommend Wauwatosa Wellness Spa to anyone who asked me for a referral to an esthetician with no hesitations! FIVE STARS ALL THE WAY! -Cassandra J

Sarah gives the best facials! This Living Social deal was amazing and well-worth the money! Facial was tailored to my skincare needs, eyebrows were beautifully groomed, paraffin hand-dip left me with super-smooth hands, and the mini-massages and steam were perfect to help me get over a lingering cold! I love Wauwatosa Wellness Spa! Great experiences with Sarah and great massages from Terri too! Just make an appointment you will love every minute. -Mary R.

I love this place! I've been going to Nick for massages for almost 10 years and wouldn't go to anyone else. He is extremely warm, professional and accommodating. Sara gives an excellent facial and is extremely knowledgable about skin care. -Micheal P.

I have been going to Wauwatosa Wellness Spa since it opened! and I have never been happier with the service. My mother lived out of state for a few years, and one of her first stops when she would come to visit was to the spa. I always leave there feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Sarah also did the make up for my wedding, and I can honestly say I looked spectacular! I have purchased Gift certificates as gifts for family and friends, (that's how my mother found out about the spa) and I know many of them have gone there and loved every minute, and have been back frequently. I love the personal attention, and the fact that Sarah really gets to know her clients, rather than the big rather impersonal spa's where I have found there to be a lot of turn over, so even if you've seen someone 2 times, you cant guaranty that they'll still be there the 3rd time. I would highly recommend Wauwatosa Wellness Spa to anyone looking for an amazing relaxing and rejuvenating experience! -Elisabeth V

I had the best facial I think I ever had with Sarah. Her passion and love for what she does comes out in her work. The environment is relaxing and healing. You feel very embraced by her. The skin products are really nice. I had alot of skin issues that are being addressed by Sarah's knowledge and the wonderful products she shares in her "Healing" spa. If you are looking to give yourself and your skin some wonderful new vitality Wauwatosa Wellness Spa and Sarah is the place to "Be."
CV ~ Menomonee Falls

Hello Sarah! I just wanted to tell you that my girls just adore you! They said "for the first time a person that makes sense about skin care". Their skin was already clearing up before the headed back to college and they loved the GLO minerals base. Also, they couldn't wait to get back so they could throw away all their old skin care items! Somehow, this was great therapy for them. They have had issues with her skin since 6th grade and it was so good to see them so happy thanks to you! Again, Thank You! As for me, I love the texture of my skin and have not had this clear of skin for about 5 years. I can't say enough about you and your knowledge of skin care and wish I could yell it from the tallest mountain!

I heard a rumor that the Wauwatosa Wellness Spa offers high quality services at more affordable prices than the posh spas in the suburbs. I had to see for myself and I'm so glad I did. My first appointment was an Energy Rejuvenation Facial. My facial was wonderful - my skin felt incredible afterwards. Sarah choose a specific mix of products based on my particular skin. So if you are looking for an incredible facial - you have found it! But wait ... there's more. As much as the facial rejuvenated and put life back into my skin - Sarah's Reiki work rejuvenated and put life back into my soul. I was more at peace and could better face and enjoy life as I know it. But wait... there's even more. The real value in the whole experience is
meeting Sarah. Her energy, spirit and unquestioning quest to bringing joy to the world (one soul at a time...) is why I truly recommend any of the spa services. Getting to know Sarah is a gift in itself- one that I love to share.

Sarah is the best. She is a practitioner. The experience is always more than "just" a facial.

Sara was kind, gentle, thorough, and skilled. My skin looked great the next day. The spa is small but cozy and nicely decorated. It was a relaxing environment.
- Anonymous

Awesome experience... loved it!!!! Sara is great!!! I learned so much and will definitely come back... Thanks! (smile)
- Anonymous

My visits to Wauwatosa Wellness Spa are a special treat for myself. I love my "me time" and the welcoming, relaxing feeling of the spa.
- Anonymous

Had an amazing experience!!! Just became a loyal client!!!
- Anonymous

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