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Licensed Massage Therapist

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Madge Lockwood is a 1998 graduate of the Chicago School of Massage Therapy and a certified lymphedema therapist since 2006. She’s the owner of Lymphatic Massage Works and a proud member of the Society for Oncology Massage and the National Lymphedema Network.. Madge has been running a thriving private practice in Chicago since 2005, and now, she’s excited to bring her expertise to the Milwaukee area.

Madge is passionate about helping individuals dealing with lymphatic and swelling issues (like lymphedema, post-mastectomy, knee replacement, poor circulation, and more), chronic pain, and the challenges that come with cancer treatment. She uses MLD, Marnitz Therapy, orthopaedic massage, and myofascial release to bring about improved function, reduced pain and swelling, and most importantly, to empower and educate her clients to maintain these improvements on their own.

Madge has put her German language skills to great use by embarking on learning journeys in Hamburg and Berlin, Germany, all in the pursuit of learning from the world leaders in lymphatic research and treatment. In 2009, she crafted a 6-day manual lymph drainage course to share the style she learned in Europe. In 2019 she translated the Marnitz Therapy curriculum and acted as an interpreter for Johanna Blumenschein during the first-ever Marnitz Therapy class in North America in 2022.

For more information, please visit my website https://lymphaticmassageworks.com/

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